Cool facts about travelling in Japan

Having just returned from an amazing trip to Japan, we thought we'd share some of the hidden secrets we discovered along the way - those little things that nobody tells you before you go.

1. Japanese florists make mini bouquets of flowers! A bunch may only consist of five stems but they are perfectly designed works of art.

2. Make sure you have lots of spare change if you plan to catch buses as you'll need to drop the correct amount for the fare in a coin counter when you get off.

Temple Kyoto JaPan

3. It rains. A LOT! But umbrella's in Japan are amazing. They're comfortable to hold, flip open in a flash and are transparent so you can see where you're going. Genius! Many museums, shops and tourist sights also have umbrella parking bays to stop your brolly dripping. 

 4. I was not expecting to be eating a lot of bread in Japan but there are loads of bakeries serving delicious bread and pastries. They're a great place to pick up breakfast on-the-go. There are big chains at the main stations but it's worth tracking down one of the boutique bakeries - we recommend Boulangierie Rauk in Kyoto. 

5. Babies are treated as celebrities in Japan. We travelled with our 10 month old son who now thinks his name is Kawaii which means "cute" in Japanese. 

Japanese Fan

6. Tofu actually tastes good in Japan. Creamy, smooth and delicious. 

7. Almost any type of plant can be groomed into a perfectly shaped work of art. Topiary and Bonsai are key to the creation of zen gardens and it's common place to see people grooming trees or snipping moss with teeny tiny scissors.

Mount Fuji Japan

8. If you're visiting the Mount Fuji region, be prepared not to actually see Mount Fuji as it's often hidden by cloud. The clouds move quite quickly so keep your eyes peeled on the vista throughout the day and have your camera at the ready to catch a glimpse of the peak! 

If you've travelled to Japan and have any more weird and wonderful facts to add to this list, we'd love to hear them. 

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