Secret Garden - a Walk Through Singapore's Spectacular Orchid Garden

In the heart of Singapore, just off one of the busiest shopping strips in the city lies a hidden garden paradise that will make even the most city-dwelling traveller appreciate the raw beauty of nature. Nestled within Singapore's Botanical Gardens is the National Orchid Garden - a magnificent landscaped enclosure dedicated entirely to Singapore's national flower. Enter to discover decorative gardens filled with orchids in a myriad of colours from the brightest of pinks, purples and yellows, to the purest of whites. 

Travel Singapore Orchid Garden

Discover exotic, steamy hothouses and serene water features cascading with beautiful blooms. It's not a large garden but it has been thoughtfully designed into a collection of many smaller gardens connected by a winding path, creating what feels like a miniature world.  

Orchid Garden Singapore

Finish your afternoon by strolling through the wider Botanic Gardens admiring ancient rainforest trees, picturesque lily ponds and getting caught in a hot, tropical rain storm before drying-off and refuelling at one of the many excellent food courts around the city. It makes for a lovely day of exploring and is the perfect way to spend a short stop-over visit to Singapore. Remember to bring your camera to capture nature at its most beautiful!

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