The most sustainable items are those we already own and when we do buy something new it’s essential the product is purposeful and long lasting.

Our accessories have been designed as multi-functional wardrobe staples that offer endless styling options, whilst keeping you organised throughout your day.

The fast fashion industry has convinced us that being fashionable means following the latest trends, when in fact fashion is simply an expression of personal creativity. That’s why we encourage our customers to reconnect with their creativity and make the most of what they already own by restyling, rewearing and reimagining an existing wardrobe into a myriad of fresh new looks.



Join us on our journey to a more circular fashion industry. Head to our wear it your way page for the latest restyling inspiration.


keep fashion out of landfill

AirRobe x The Elsewhere Co

We’ve joined the Circular Fashion movement with AirRobe. Now, you can extend the life of your Elsewhere Co. item by re-selling or renting your accessories back into a circular economy after you’ve worn, used and loved them. So when checking out, our customers can choose to add AirRobe to their cart enabling them to easily rent or resell their item at a later date.

Keeping fashion out of landfill makes sense. It’s good for your wallet and good for the planet.

For more details and how to sign up to Airrobe — head to

Buy it, love it, wear it. Then re-sell or rent it on AirRobe

Step 1.

While adding your Elsewhere Co product to the cart select "Add to AirRobe".

Step 2.

Upon purchase confirmation you’ll be directed to set up a free AirRobe account. Your items, including the product images and descriptions, will automatically appear in your AirRobe Circular Wardrobe.

Step 3

After you have worn and loved your purchase, you can choose to re-sell, rent, or recycle your items on AirRobe marketplace, with one click. 

You keep fashion out of landfill and reduce your carbon, water and waste footprint!

By selling or wearing just one pre-loved fashion piece, you offset:

+ 19kg of C02 emissions
+ 95 litres of water
+ 2kg of textile waste

Closing the loop

The Elsewhere Co X Upparel

We’re proud to partner with Upparel to help reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfill each year.

Book your collection HERE.

Approximately 6000 kgs of clothing is disposed of every 10 minutes in Australia alone.

For every 1kg of textiles you divert from landfill, you’ll be preventing 3-4kg of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere.

We’ve made it possible for you to have 10kg of your old, unwanted clothing collected for just $25, and you’ll also receive a $25 store credit to spend with The Elsewhere Co.

The collection process is super easy and all items sent to Upparel will be reused, upcycled or recycled, so you can rest assured your items won’t be sent off-shore or end up in landfill.