Top 10 Best Travel Destinations to Drink Cocktails

We've compiled this fabulous bucket list of countries to visit based purely on their signature cocktail credentials to help you #escapetheeveryday
Summer Cocktail
1. Koh Samui, Thailand - Kick back on sandy beaches, feast on mango sticky rice and relax with a traditional massage. Whilst we were unable to pin down one specific cocktail here, only in Thailand can you sit by an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, order any cocktail your heart desires and watch it arrive in a super-sized bucket with all the trimmings. Definitely made for sharing - the more straws the merrier! 
2. Venice, Italy - This romantic city will have you falling head over heals for its picturesque canals, historic plazas and gondola rides.  It's no wonder their signature cocktail is the ever elegant Bellini - it doesn't get more indulgent than sipping on sweet peach pulp and Prosecco. 
3. Singapore - Visit for the shopping, the world's most beautiful orchid garden and of course the Singapore Sling - best consumed in expat glamour at the famous Raffles Hotel. 
4. Mexico city, Mexico - Sombrero's, sunshine and amazing beaches will see you reaching for a Margarita. Live a little and try the passionfruit version. You will also have earned the right to use the phrase "the Tequila made me do it."
5. Alabama, United States of America - Hire a classic car and take an epic road trip down to the USA's deep south for beaches, blues and the national shrimp festival! Pull up a bar stool and order an Alabama Slammer - a potent mix of Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, Amaretto and a dash of orange juice. Best consumed in snake skin cowboy boots.
6. Paris, France - Explore the city of lights, picnic by the Tour Eiffel and wander through the Tuileries, but most importantly toast to the goddess of chic with your very own Coco Chanel cocktail - a Cognac based concoction with a whole lot of creme and chocolate served in a martini glass dusted with elegant white chocolate powder. It doubles as dessert.
7. Tokyo, Japan - Eat your fill of sushi at the world's largest fish market, weigh in at a sumo match, shop for vintage kimonos and when your feet can carry you no more, find a cosy izakya and order a Saketini...shaken not stirred baby!
8. Santiago, Chile - Experience vistas of the ancient Andes mountains, trek through well worn hiking trails and visit local wineries. Top off your adventure with a traditional Pisco Sours cocktail. Who'd have thought raw egg whites would go down so well.
9. Havana, Cuba -  Soak up some sun in the Caribbean. Discover rolling mountains and palm tree lined beaches by day and salsa dance your way through the night. Sip on Cuba's signature cocktail, the Mojito whilst puffing on an oversized cigar. There's nothing more refreshing than crushed mint, lime and rum on a hot balmy evening. 
10. London, United Kingdom - Hit Oxford Street for some shopping, see the latest musical and while away a warm summer's evening on a picnic rug sipping on Pimm's and lemonade with all the fruity, cucumber trimmings. Best made in a jug for sharing.
Now hopefully that's inspired you to add a few new destinations to your own bucket list...or at least to head to your local bar to try out one of these delightful drinks!

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