Guide to packing Your Jewellery

Here's how to pack your jewellery for travel, so you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time detangling your necklace. 

Leather Travel Jewellery Roll

1. Always take care when packing jewellery. Never over stuff your jewellery wallet - less is always more.

2. Store rings on a dedicated ring strap or within zippered compartments of your jewellery wallet.

3. Earrings can be fragile and tricky to pack. A jewellery wallet with earring holder straps is best for storing hook or hoop earrings. We recommend keeping stud earrings within the zippered pockets for added protection of delicate posts.

4. Always secure earrings to your jewellery wallet earring straps with stoppers or backs so they can't fall out. 

Packing your Jewellery Roll


5. Never place necklaces together (you already know this is a bad idea). Keep them in separate pockets or with items such as hard bangles where tangling is less likely to occur. If you're short on space, use soft pouches to separate them or wrap each necklace individually in tissue paper. 

6. Always place valuable or delicate jewellery within a zippered compartment within your jewellery wallet or wrapped in tissue paper for extra protection.

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