Interview with Design a Space

The Elsewhere Co. design fashion accessories with purpose, with each wallet crafted with versatility in mind. We chatted with founder Liz, all about their brand and the new "Reimagine 2021" Collection.

Why did you start The Elsewhere co. ?

When I started The Elsewhere Co., I knew I wanted to create a brand with real purpose. I believe that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. As a designer, I wanted to create accessories that are not only respectful of the planet but that are also actively part of the solution to critical environmental issues such as waste and biodiversity decline by contributing to landscape regeneration projects and repurposing, reimagining and recreating waste. It was also really important to me to design products that have a genuine purpose in the world, that function effortlessly to help women feel more organised within their busy lives - so they’re free to do the things they love. That’s why we don’t design bags for the sake of fashion, we create incredibly useful, runway-worthy accessories made from waste material – staple pieces you can repurpose and restyle countless ways to elevate your look and extend your existing wardrobe.