We're committed to a future without plastic. Rest assured that when you order an accessory from The Elsewhere Co. it will arrive beautifully, carefully and thoughtfully packaged without unnecessary plastics. Each accessory comes in an upcycled cotton dust bag which is durable, reusable and perfect for storing (and protecting) your accessories.
The Elsewhere Co. Zero Plastic Packaging
To protect items in transit we use recyclable tissue paper (no bubble wrap, plastic or styrofoam. Yuck). Our tissue paper is completely acid free, FSC certified and uses soy-based inks. We're also part of the eco-packaging alliance in which a tree is planted in an area of need each time we order our packaging materials. Our luxury gift wrap is proudly produced locally in Melbourne from unbleached kraft paper and is 100% recyclable.
Zero Plastic Packaging - The Elsewhere Co.
We use plant-based 100% compostable mail bags which are durable, waterproof and certified for both home and commercial composting. They break down within six months and leave no harmful residues behind.
Compostable Mailer Packaging - The Elsewhere Co.