We believe in a brighter, more sustainable future. 
Here's how we're working towards it...
Designed in Australia - The Elsewhere Co
We're an independently owned Australian label and each collection is designed in our small Melbourne studio. We support local Australian businesses through our network of talented photographers, stylists, graphic designers, artists, printers and stockists. We're also helping to restore the balance of our local Australian environment through our partnership with Greening Australia.
Donating to Greening Australia - The Elsewhere Co
For every sale made, we donate $1 to Greening Australia to support their revegetation work in places like The Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania's Island Ark and their nationwide bushfire recovery program. Find out more.
Sustainable Fashion Materials - The Elsewhere Co
We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials without compromising on luxury, style or quality. We will always use natural materials when possible and above all, our products are designed to last.
Upcycled Materials

Our innovative upcycled leather is sustainable, RCS 100 certified, has low environmental impact, produces zero manufacturing material waste and saves large quantities of leather offcuts from reaching landfill. Its manufacture produces fewer chemical emissions and uses 90% less water than conventional leather production processes. So far we've saved approximately 148kg of leather waste and 32kg of cotton waste from reaching landfill!  You can read more about our leather here. 

Zero Plastic Packaging
We're committed to a future without single use plastic and all orders will arrive beautifully and thoughtfully packaged without unnecessary plastics. You can read more about our packaging here.
Carbon Neutral Delivery

We use a carbon neutral shipping service! The courier companies we use offset the carbon emissions of each delivery by supporting sustainability initiatives such as wildlife conservation and clean energy projects. 

Sustainably Handcrafted

We honour traditional silk weaving techniques. Our ethically produced 100% pure silk has been handwoven on looms by artisan weavers. It can take up to one day just to weave a single metre of silk. Our silk jewellery roll production is entirely hand-crafted using traditional techniques with each piece being designed, woven, dyed and tailored by hand. Find out more.

Slow Fashion

Good things take time. We don't design to fast fashion trends and each collection is carefully considered with longevity in mind. Our silk jewellery rolls embrace slow fashion principles and are produced by hand in small batches of 20 pieces or less.

Limited Edition Design

Our Distant Kingdoms collection of silk jewellery rolls are handcrafted in limited edition quantities. Each jewellery roll is hand-cut from a unique piece of traditional ikat silk, with only 10-25 pieces produced per edition depending on the length of silk.

Empowers Women
Our silk is handwoven by artisan weavers in Cambodia. Silk weaving provides essential skilled employment and empowerment, enabling women to weave from home and maintain their traditional family life rather than emigrating to cities in search of work. 
Sustainable and Ethical Fashion - The Elsewhere Co
We only work with suppliers that share our ethical and sustainable values. Our upcycled leather accessories are ethically crafted in a factory in Guangdong Province, China. The factory has ISO 14001 and Sedex certifications, demonstrating a responsible approach to environmental management and ethical working conditions. Our silk jewellery rolls are artisan-produced in very small qualities in Cambodia. We work closely with a grassroots silk supplier, who operates to fair trade principles, working directly with artisan weavers in rural Takeo province.  Silk weaving provides women with skilled employment and empowerment.

Circular Fashion Recycling Program - The Elsewhere Co

We will take back any Elsewhere Co. product that reaches its end-of-life or is no longer wanted as part of our recycling program. These items will either be repaired as second-hand goods for sale or donation, disassembled for recycling or re-made into something new.