Upcycled Leather
We believe that luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why we've chosen to use premium quality upcycled leather, a natural material which has low environmental impact. It's proudly sustainable, yet retains the beautiful look and feel of traditional leather. This innovative material saves large volumes of leather offcuts from reaching landfill, with a single product saving up to 200 grams of waste.
Upcycled Leather - The Elsewhere Co.
Our upcycled leather is sustainable, RCS 100 certified and made from fully traceable genuine leather offcuts (otherwise destined for landfill).  The offcuts are shredded into fibres, bound together with natural rubber, pigment and water (all natural substances, no nasties!) and then reformed into new sheets of quality upcycled leather. The production process itself creates ZERO manufacturing material waste. It also produces fewer chemical emissions and uses 90% less water than conventional leather production processes.