Upcycled leather care

We use premium quality upcycled leather. Just like traditional leather it changes with time and wear and may experience wrinkling, colour fading or darkening, marking or stretching. Colour and surface appearance may vary. These are natural characteristics of the material and are not considered faults.

Take care by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures, humidity and liquids as these may cause damage. If your accessory gets wet, wipe with a soft dry cloth and dry in a well-ventilated, cool room away from direct sunlight. Never apply cleaning agents.

To maintain an attractive lustre, occasionally clean with a soft dry cloth and store in its protective dust bag.


Hand-woven silk care

Silk is the strongest of natural fibres and if treated with love and care it will retain its brilliant lustre for years to come. Silk is susceptible to sunlight so it's best to store your silk accessories away from direct sunlight to ensure the colours stay bright and vibrant. Jewellery rolls and accessories don't generally require cleaning. However, if you find you do need to clean them, carefully spot clean following the care instructions below.

  • Gently spot clean using a delicate wool/silk detergent
  • Do not rub
  • Do not soak, bleach or wring
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry in shade
  • Dry cleanable