The Elsewhere Co. is a luxury ethical and sustainable brand with a clear vision: to inspire independent freedom seekers around the world to escape the everyday.
Luxury Travel Jewellery Wallet
Based in Melbourne, the label is proudly Australian designed and independently owned. With a strong design ethos that rejects all that is ordinary, lacklustre and thoughtlessly produced (because quite frankly the world has seen enough of this), The Elsewhere Co. offers truly original lifestyle accessories that are exceptional in their ability to balance contrasts - luxurious yet sustainable, practical yet beautiful, timeless yet unapologetically bold.

Sustainability is a key focus for the label, with innovative use of upcycled, sustainable and hand-crafted materials at the heart of the design philosophy. The Elsewhere Co. is committed to ethically producing luxury accessories that have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

"It is our hope that an Elsewhere Co. accessory will keep you organised for many years to come, saving you time, making your everyday easier and helping you steal more moments of freedom to pursue an adventurous life."
Liz Archer, Creative Director, The Elsewhere Co.